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Monday, April 30th, 2007

Hello, Welcome to our blog. This is where we can post all kinds of stuff for all to see. Here is a picture of Amy and I in south Texas in April 2006.


Short History

Friday, April 6th, 2007

About 7 years ago the pain in my left hand and arm go to the point where I would miss work due to the high level of pain. Good news, my doctor found a treatment that should help with the pain. The bad news is that the treatment was in Denver. Starting in March 2000 we went for 2 years with great success, the pain in my hand is gone. Here is a sample of a trip.

Then in July of 2003 the problems started, 3 weeks after my last trip to Denver I was on vacation. I was enjoying a trip to Nags Head, NC with Family. The last few days I started feeling bad, kind of had trouble breathing. I dismissed it and few back home and went to work. Amy convinced me to call my Doctor and was encouraged to go to the hospital. I was admitted very quickly because they found I had blood clots in my lungs. After 6 weeks I went back to work.

The next year was uneventful, health wise that is, I was even taken off blood thinners. I took a trip to Moab Utah with the Miata club then on to Bosie. Half way through the trip Amy joined me and we had a great leisurely trip back with stop in Pie Town, New Mexico for a piece of pie!

A few week later Amy went to New York to visit her parents and while she was gone I started having strange swelling in my upper left arm. I call the Doc and they recommended another trip to the hospital. It was determined that it was caused by blood clots and I needed to go back on blood thinners.

And when coumadin is started it takes about a week to get them in your system at the proper level, so to get the blood thinned ASAP daily injections of heparin are required. I had a choice to be admitted so they could give me the shot once a day or I needed to learn how to give myself shots in the abdomen. I didn’t want to stay in the hospital so I chose the later. That put my problems were behind me.

Well almost, about 2 weeks later I noticed when I went up 6 steps I would have be out of breath. It reminded me of the year before. I called Amy and we decided a trip to the hospital was in order. After a couple of tests it was determined I had a saddle embolus. We knew it was serious but found out that the veins feeding the lungs were almost totally blocked. I was very lucky to get it treated when I did, we were told that most saddle embolus are found during the autopsy! I was quickly admitted and put in CCU for a week and spent another week in a regular ward.

The clots most likely came from my left arm we decided it wasn’t worth continuing the treatments in Denver. Since then the pain has gradually increased and at times it is unbearable and has affected my quality of life. Some of the pain medications make me sleepy and make my head spin.

About a year ago I had all I could stand, I made an appointment to see the Dr. about removing the arm. He said no problem and it’s the right thing to do but make sure I feel right about it and encouraged us to talk to people and do research. Well about a year of visiting other doctors, talking to others and the internet we decided it was time. The date is May 17th.