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All is not swell

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

… which is a good thing since SWELLING would be bad….

All is going as expected, which is a whole lot of nothing really.  We walk a couple of times a day, which causes no extra pain and then we do a whole lot of nothing.

He promises to start blogging with answers to your questions – like “What does it feel like?” “Can you ‘move’ the missing limb?” and other BURNING questions your inquiring minds want to know.

What I want to know, is HOW our insurance company can decide in July to change our our of pocket max for the CURRENT year from $2000 to $2250? How is that legal?  Not that it matters a whole lot, but it does seem that when agreeing to a year of coverage, they ought not change the parameters mid-year.


Arm-nold Lizard-neger

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Okay – the title is a stretch.  YOU try to find ‘arm’ puns…

BUT this one applies to our lizard.  Yes, we have adopted a lizard, or more properly, an anole.  He lives on or around our mailbox.  Daily, as we go for our walks (see? I tied it to Jim) there is Ah-nold on the mailbox, doing pushups and exhibiting his throaty pouch in search of a mate.

We imagine his lizard personal ad in L-Harmony- “Male, really green, great pusher-upper, amazing throaty pouch thing. Have own penthouse with great garden view….”  (Be sure to enlarge the photos below.  He is one COOL anole.)

Ah-nold at Restand UPextendrestrepeat

Jim is not awake yet, so I think our walks yesterday (probably not more than two miles total but it is a start) may have helped.  As always, good pals have lightened any burden we feel. Pat and Mike sat with us and chatted AND brought not ONE, not TWO, not even THREE, but FOUR meals to look forward to.

God bless you all on this day when we are so focused on remembering the many who have sacrificed for us all.


In the Arms of Morpheus

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

Naps are the order of the day. BUT we did get Jim out for a walk to the store and he is doing well. Nothing new to report. Seriously. Nothing.  This blog shall be shorter and shorter I think.  And that is all to the good.



Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Well, he can’t sleep well at night, but BOY can he from about 5 a.m. onward. So not a real update as I have no idea how he is today yet. Massaged the shoulder some more last night but not sure it is very helpful.

Rain continues here, slow and soaking. The cats stare out the window somewhat morosely, then curl back up for their scheduled hourly naps.  My plants are loving it however. Should this continue I shall have to face the mounting housework, or, shudder, worse still, have to organize my office and school work stuff.


An Army of One

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Left Jim on his own this morning, despite some pretty strong pain in his neck and shoulder area. Holding a heavy arm has taken a huge toll on his neck and shoulder muscles I suspect. I massaged them for him around 3:30 a.m. and again this morning before I left, but he was hurting some.

He took some of his mighty big pills and I have returned from work to find him soundly sleeping.  Hurrah! 

Will update later on pain levels etc.


Come back and fight… I’ll bite you on the ankle….

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Mom holds the IPAQ, Jim surfs

The title is a line from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. If you haven’t seen the knights fighting scene from which this quote hails, trust me. It applies. It REALLY is only a flesh wound….

Anyhow, Jim’s parents have left and he was alone for a couple of hours before I got home from work. Not surprisingly, he managed to sleep, nap, rest, watch TV AND dress himself, including shoe-string tied shoes! I really am not needed, but am still nervous about him being alone should anything arise.

He does have one of his mystery lumps that come and go on his sternum, which I hope is not a harbinger of anything.

Just before parental departure

In the absence of any real doctoring needed to do to him, my mother-in-law and I took an A-line shift and made a pattern from it, made a dress, and then I painted petropglyphs on it. It was supposed to be a sleep dress, but I am thinking I like it too much and will probably wear it IN PUBLIC. (Express strong dismay, niece Asherel and daughter Renee….)I am appending pictures for no other reason than I can and you may be bored enough

Dress frontDress back

to click and look!


No Venus de Milo but He’ll Do….

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Our visit to the prosthetic guys went swimmingly, if you happen to be able to do a decent one-armed breast stroke, but I digress….

Gordon and Lambert were two VERY happy prosthetists (prosteticians? protesters?) when they took off the cast and took a look. Allowing us the choice to look or not (we all chose to look), they ooooo-ed and ahhhhhhhh-ed and were just so completely thrilled with the look of Jim’s incision site. Healing nicely and nowhere as odd an appearance as expected. We all took a gander and it was Dad who said, “Well, you’re no Venus de Milo, but you’ll do.” Gordon and Lambert told us that the surgeon did not leave the operating room to do his dictation after the surgery, but stayed seated on the floor, doing dictation and watching. Apparently Jim is the talk of the hospital and many many people had great interest in watching this very unusual and very cool surgery.

I admit that my pre-surgery net-surfing had me worried about how Jim would look and how I would feel and react. It was odd but not awful at all. I was relieved. Jim moved it about for Gordon and Lambert who oooooo-ed and ahhhhhhh-ed some more about his mobility and were pleased to note that he does have some use of both biceps and triceps. This indicates that he should be able to learn to use an electronic controlled arm. That is still 5 to 6 weeks ahead. They recasted the arm, which felt nice overall since the curative action of the plaster on the casting tape causes pleasant warmth.

Because of his great recovery, we are being ‘rewarded’ by being abandoned by his parents as they head back to Virginia, proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished. We have tried to convince them to stay but faking poor recovery has not been successful, so they are heading North-East tomorrow. Darn it all. Sure has been good to have them here. We may let the air out of their tires tonight.

After the long appointment, and dinner out with Susan and Mitch and Jim’s parents, Jim is tired and a little sore (from the ‘man handling’ he says). He is weaning off the pain patches, with doc approval, so to take any pain or edginess off he is taking only his usual supplemental pain pills. So far, no observed ill effects from the lack of coumadin.

Got a lovely Bonsai to keep Jim occupied today, from Jim’s boss and co-workers. They require just slightly more care than small children (the Bonsai, that is). That will be a challenge for him to deal with this summer!

Also got a lovely snack basket from one of Jim’s co-workers who’s card threatens that he will begin formatting hard drives if Jim tarries in his recovery.

What wonderful and supportive friends and family we have been blessed to accompany us on this strange journey. Our next milestone is an appointment with the surgeon on June 5th. The prosthetic pros, Gordon and Lambert, will be there too. Cast will be removed, staples pulled (ouch) and progress assessed. We anticipate only good things. God is good.


No Arm, No Foul, No Update

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

So far today, er….nothing. They are all asleep and I am on my way to work. Appointment with prosthetic guy at 3 so updates later.

Arm n Hammer

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


Here is the clan enjoying fudge that my sister Vicky sent for Jim. The best part of that is that she asked if it arrived in one piece.  Let’s see.  Sat in a mailbox for half a day in Texas.  Yup. ONE piece alright.  And yummy. The pix (the HAM in HAMmer) testify!


I have bought some wood and plexiglass for Jim and his dad to work on as I go to work today. They do enjoy a project.

Jim did try the bed last night, but he was back in the recliner this morning so i guess it didn’t work well. I am off to work and cannot ask him a whole lot.

Out of Arm’s Way

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Today is much the same as yesterday. We did speak with the prosthetic guys about the twisty feeling inside the cast that Jim has, but they say that is normal. (You will note that NONE of them are missing an arm, so how much you can trust their definition of normal I dunno…) We will see them on Wednesday for new cast and looksee.

Took a short stroll this morning. Doesn’t make the pain worse or less so we shall continue to do that more and more.

Tried to bully him into laying on is right side so the left side would have the advantage of gravity to help with draining etc.  He acts like he is an adult fully capable of managing his own recovery. The nerve.

Wonderful nurturing friends continue to bring us meals, which is great fun and gratefully accepted. It isn’t that we couldn’t cook, but it is nice to not have to think about it!

Besides that, it is a lot like watching paint dry. You know it’s happening, but there isn’t a lot of discernable difference from moment to moment no matter how hard you stare.