I TOLD her not to cross me….

Arrived this morning to find the nurse I am a little put-out with is our nurse today – Tara.  So I go in and find Jim asleep, breakfast tray untouched. I asked Tara what the morning INR report was and I swore she said 1.7.  I sat back down and then thought, “Wait. It was 1.7 yesterday.” So I went back out to the desk and asked to see either Tara or Jim’s chart. She finally shows up and I ask how his INR could be 1.7 if that is what it was yesterday.  She very snippily said, “I did not say 1.7.  I said 1 point something and that I would come tell you.” “I’m sorry.  I thought you said 1.7.”  “No.  It is 1.87 now.” When I inquired what medications he had had today as he was soundly sleeping and his breakfast tray had not been touched she exasperatedly told me he had his dialudid.  I asked WHEN.  6:56 a.m.  I asked WHEN before that. 4 times last night.  WHEN 4 times last night. I then asked about the xanax as it was unusual for Jim to be so sleepy.  “He was sleeping yesterday,” she informed me, like I was lying about him or something. Yes, I told her, he was but he is even sleepier today. I asked about calling the admitting doctor to see if we could be discharged today. She told me we just had to wait for him to show up.

I went back to the room.

 And got angry.

So I took a short walk with the charge nurse and told her I just didn’t have a good communication line or trust with Tara and wanted another nurse. The charge nurse is now taking care of Jim’s meds etc.


Doctor has been here and says another day.  Bummer. So we are here at least through till tomorrow.  He did also say that all the tests that are back so far do not show any blood abnormalities that would cause the clotting so the general wisdom is that the clots are still from Jim’s odd vascularity.

That is it mostly.  The chair, by the way, is still horribly uncomfortable. 

4 Responses to “I TOLD her not to cross me….”

  1. vicky says:

    well that was very good getting a new nurse- that Tara sounds like she is menopausal (believe me, I know what that is like).
    Why is Jim having to stay another day? Is it the blood level or is there another concern? And why WAS he so sleepy? Is he still? I think you may need to have susan come with her stethoscope again.
    loveyou both,

  2. Susan says:

    You bet, Vicki! I’ll be glad to go up there with my stethoscope. I may, however, use it around Tara’s throat! Amy, I’m so glad you had that talk with the charge nurse and got HER as your nurse. I’m tellin’ ya….you start throwing around the words “no TRUST in” or “no CONFIDENCE in” around, and the cautious, litigious-fearing medical world wakes up and pays attention. As for staying another day, I’m sorry to hear that but it may be for the best — after all, blood clots in the lungs are not a minor matter. As for his sleepiness, I guess I forgot to tell you….any new med started that has sedation or sleepiness as a side effect (his Xanax), will cause sleepiness for the first 72 hours — partially due to the fact that it’s a side effect but in many cases it is because the patient has not slept well in a long while and is truly just catching up! As long as he awakens easily and his resps are between oh…about 10 and 24…there’s nothing to worry about — it’s better than Jimmy having the jimmies…..

    Take a comfy chair up there. Don’t worry about bringing in germs. There ain’t no place germier in the world than a hospital.

  3. Liana says:

    I’m so sorry Jim has to stay another day in the hospital. That just sucks! I’m home until Thursday if you need anything.

    Luv ya,
    Liana 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    Thanks, Liana! They did have the chocolate cake in the cafeteria today so that was worth hanging around another day for!


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