Hi ho, Hi ho, It’s off to work he goes…

Haven’t heard from him so I suspect he is dashing about here and there and being fed the fatted calf etc as the returning thin-blooded hero that he is.

Popcorn has figured out that being mad at us for being gone so much was not to his advantage so last night he sat by me on the couch for a quick scritching but THEN, oh FRABulous FRABulous day, he spotted his daddy and left me in the dust.  He curled up on Jim’s lap and all was right in all worlds.

It is too hot to do serious outdoor work, so I am off to battle weeds with vinegar spray (since I cannot be trusted not to get poison ivy if I pull them) and possibly clean the pool filter.  Oh glorious mundane day!

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  1. vicky says:

    In your honor, i pulled out some poison ivy. actually dug it with a shovel. first poison ivy i have seen in our yard. it is record high 104 in charlotte. melting here…… glad all is well with you and mundane. enjoy those moments!

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