Cat Door

It took 6 months but it is here. Amy had a great idea to build a better cat door with a plexiglass airlock and real door hinges.

Back in May 2007 my Dad and I spent the afternoon cutting the wood and plexiglass. We then were faced with trying to hang the doors and decided that was going to be another day.

During the summer Amy painted the wood and now it was ready to put together. Also in September Amy and I spent an afternoon at a hardware store and looked at ideas to use for hinges. We picked up hinges and also some ring thingys. That was the last piece of the puzzle. Now we are ready to put it together.

One day in October I came home and Amy had glued the original door hinges so it was my turn to finish it. About a week later I had a day off in the middle of the week. I had to use the router to make the hinges fit and had it together and installed by the time Amy got home.

It took the cats a few times to figure it out. On the new design the outside door was moved to the other side. They are using it now but still like it better if we let them in and out through the regular door. The followin video shows the door in use.  After the first ca comes through, and meows his customary hello, you can see the other cat WAYYYYYY in the background contemplating his entrance. Then he approaches, assures that no predators are on the other side, and then he comes in.  Click below.

Here is a short video of them using the door, Albert first then Popcorn.

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  1. Alisa says:

    I haven’t been to your blog lately. I just saw this video. Nice cat door.

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